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A Facile and Safe, Suture-Free Technology, for the Attachment of Engineered Tissues to Organs

Engineered tissues are considered a promising approach for regenerating infarcted organs. For example, cardiac patches are prepared by seeding cardiac cells within a 3D biomaterial scaffold, which provide a physical, structural and... Read More >

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Systems and methods for controlling a tissue of a subject using applied pulsed electric fields. The system for controlling a therapy provided to a tissue of a subject using applied pulsed electric fields. The system includes an electrode assembly... Read More >

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Intracranial pressure (ICP) pump

The Technology Cerebral Intraventricular Balloon Pump : A Novel Application to Maneuver and Augment Cerebral Perfusion Pressure and Cerebral Blood Flow The Need A cerebral hemodynamic assist device for augmentation of blood... Read More >

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High resolution deep tissue imaging of turbid media

TechnologyImaging through turbid media such as occluding body fluids (e.g. blood, urine, CSF) is restricted due to strong scattering. In applications such as intravascular optical imaging applications clearing of the imaging path (the lumen) are... Read More >

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Interferometric phase microscopy for label-free morphological evaluation of sperm cells

Portable, compact, add-on Interferometric Phase Microscope module An optical module and software package which optically compresses several interferometric images into a single camera image and thus provides extended interferometric the field of... Read More >

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Detection of tumors and metastases by using CEST-MRI of 3-O-Methylglucose

A method to identify and study the degree of malignancy of a tumor using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) imaging technique in MRI by applying a glucose-based contrast agent.UNMET NEEDA combination of imaging techniques is often... Read More >

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Multi-Modal Deep Neural Networks for Multi-Sequence MRI Guided Procedures

Image guided surgery is becoming the standard for high accuracy, low risk procedures. In this context, MRI is often the imaging modality of choice since it provides unrivalled contrast between soft tissues and consequently best detectability of the... Read More >

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Video stabilizer for Cardiac-MRI (CMRI) perfusion

TechnologySeveral Cardiac-MRI (CMRI) sequences are influenced by diaphragm body motion throughout the respiratory and cardiac cycles. Stabilizing these videos might allow a better medical diagnosis by radiologists. Video-stabilization and... Read More >

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catheter system for measuring arterial stiffness and pressure drops

An innovative real-time, ultra-sensitive, Differential Pressure Catheter measurement and novel Arterial Stiffening assessment system during Renal Denervation (RDN) procedures. A functional combined assessment system of stenosis severity and... Read More >


3D Flexible Electrode for Electrochemical Cell Diagnostics

TechnologyA compact 3D electrochemical sensor constructed on a pliant substrate for in-vitro and in-vivo measurements of cells and tissues. The device includes a specially designed sensing layer containing reference and measurement electrodes that... Read More >