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Product Authentication using Nanoimprinting Lithography (NIL)

A unique Nano Imprinting Lithography (NIL) technology, based on a polymeric replication method, to battle counterfeiting• Extremely difficult to copy or forge• Inexpensive implementation (tag printing)Tag printing: Imprint on the... Read More >

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A new control method for robust quantum information processing suited for integrated photonics.

A new control method for robust quantum information processing suited for integrated photonics. The advance of quantum technologies has given rise to an immediate need for feasible methods for precise state preparation and accurate state... Read More >

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Rhenium Nanostructures and Electrodeposition

The TechnologyWe present low-cost, efficient, long life-time nanostructured Re-alloy coatings for catalyzing low temperature dry reforming of methane (DRM). Nickel, cobalt, and iron are used as standard catalysts in DRM, however, they... Read More >

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''Smart'' Textiles integrating Peptide Nanostructures

The TechnologyTextiles that have been modified by integrating peptide nanostructures show remarkable properties. These include the physical and chemical properties of the fabric, such as strength and fire-resistance, as well as much more... Read More >


Molecular Electronics and Transistors based on Peptide Nanostructures

The TechnologyProprietary peptide nanostructures1 can be readily fabricated on various surfaces including electrodes2,4. A physical vapor deposition method (PVD) allows the precise control on the molecular dimensions of the structures using... Read More >

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Magnetic Devices based on Extraordinary Hall Effect

The Invention Magnetic based sensors and memory elements based on the Extraordinary Hall Effect (EHE). Non-volatile memories can be constructed by utilizing anisotropic thin films resulting in stable hysteresis which can represent binary... Read More >

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Disk-like hybrid nanostructures

A process of preparing a plurality of nanostructures, each being composed of at least one target material is disclosed. The process comprises sequentially electrodepositing a first material and the at least one target material into pores of a... Read More >

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Nano-Reinforcement of Adhesives, Plastics, Paints and Coatings

Technology Reinforcement of common and proprietary polymers (plastics) and composite materials for coatings and casts with nano-additives in small percentages leads to improvement of anti crack, anti-scratch, anti-rust and anti-moisture... Read More >

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Metal alloy nano-foams as Catalysts for Methane Dry Reforming during GTL

THE NEED Today, about 90% of catalysts for GTL technology take the form of supported nanocatalysts. In these materials, metallic nanocrystals (the active catalytic phase) are dispersed about a highly porous ceramic oxide (inactive). These... Read More >

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Enhancement of Durability, Sensitivity and Selectivity of Environmental Sensors & BioSensors by Peptide Nanotubes

The Technology A Peptide NanoForest, is a dense array of self assembling organic nanotubes, capable of enhancing sensitivity and selectivity parameters of amperometric electrode high-performance sensors. The patented Diphenylalanine (FF)... Read More >