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Pioneering Protein Replacement Therapy for ADNP Syndrome and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

UNMET NEED ADNP, discovered by Professor Gozes, is subject to “spontaneous” mutations resulting in the ADNP syndrome (debilitating outcomes, developmental delays, motor and cognitive dysfunctions, autistic traits). ADNP is a leading gene... Read More >

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A smartphone based psychiatrist-aid system to monitor and prevent recurring illnesses

Lifegraph enables early detection of disease deterioration in mental health patients,using proprietary machine-learning algorithms applied to data collected from thesmartphone sensors.VISIONImproving lives of patients with mental disorders and... Read More >

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Support Medium For 3d Printing Of Biomaterials

Building materials for 3D bioprinting generally possess weak mechanical properties and thus must be supported during fabrication in order to prevent the collapse of the printouts. Here we present a uniquely formulated media used to support... Read More >

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Synthetic 9-cis beta Carotene for treatment of retinal degeneration

9-cis β-carotene-rich is an effective treatment for retinal diseases. Its production in algae was a bottleneck of clinical trials. Now there is a new a synthetic method for its production. BACKGROUNDAge related macular degeneration (AMD) and... Read More >

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Sensor for Animal Monitoring

It is clear today that brain activity of a restrained (or sedated) animal is completely different from that of a freely behaving animal. That is why neuroscientists are seeking to find ways to study animals freely behaving on their natural... Read More >