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Dr. Gordon Goren

Machine learning, Social robots, Curiosity assessment Goren Gordon PhD, PhD MBA. Goren has six academic degrees, a BA, MSc and PhD in Quantum Physics, a BMSc, MBA and another PhD in Neurobiology. He did his postdoc in MIT Media Lab’s... Read More >

Prof. Michaelson Daniel

The research in the Michaelson laboratory is directed at unraveling the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenration in Alzheimer's disease and at the development of novel therapeutic approaches to counteract... Read More >

Prof. Nevo Uri

Cellular biophysics, MRI, diffusion weighted imaging, portable MRI systems, neuroscience, characterization of porous materials, immunology, self-non-self discrimination, autoimmunity, ecoimmunity.

We search for simple biophysical and mathematical laws that define the behavior of cells, and specifically of neurons. Our primary biophysical goal is to understand and measure the relation between cellular events and water displacement. We wish to... Read More >

Prof. Offen Daniel

Research topic: Neurodegenerative diseases, etiology and new treatments. Research methods: Stem cells, Gene therapy, peptides, transgenic mice, animal models of Neurodegenerative diseases Main projects in the lab include: Induction of... Read More >

Prof. Perlson Eran

Research Interest Nanomotors and microfluidic platforms reveal neurodegeneration mechanisms Neuron cell death and synapse disruption seen in neurodegenerative diseases like ALS. It is a non-cell-autonomous process and involve a multi system... Read More >

Prof. pinkas-Kramarski Ronit

Research topic: Study the involvement of Autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases. Research methods: Cell biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, microscopy, Immunohistochemistry. Projects in the lab include: The role of autophagy in... Read More >

Dr. Roichman Yael

We are interested in studying the underlying physical processes that govern the mechanics, self-organization, dynamics, and statistics of complex fluids out of thermal equilibrium. Our belief is that by studying in detail many such driven systems... Read More >

Prof. Satchi-Fainaro Ronit

Our research interests include investigations related to tumor biology, tumor dormancy, mechanism of action of angiogenesis inhibitors, self-assembly of polymeric architectures and novel approaches to target cancer. Throughout, we have... Read More >

Prof. Shacham- Diamand Yosi

Research Interest Nano-chemical processes for Microelectronics and integration of biological material on chip for acute toxicity detectionNano-chemistry for electronics applications- Physical and electrical characterization of electronic devices... Read More >

Prof. Solomon Arieh S.

Research topic: Elucidating the degenerative and regenerative process of optic nerve following trauma, ischemia and disease. The research results will be applicable in same conditions that take place in the brain. Research... Read More >