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Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs for the Treatment of Aniridia

Aniridia is a panocular disease causing progressive severe visual impairment and blindness. The disease is characterized by abnormal development of almost all eye structures, caused by dominantly inherited heterozygous mutations in primarily the PAX6 gene. Although aniridia is a developmental disorder, corneal opacification begins late in childhood, leaving a large time window for therapy. Unfortunately, […] Read More >

Prof. Belkin Michael

Prof. Belkin has been involved in the establishment of many medical start-ups in ophthalmology and other fields. One of his noted contributions was inventing and developing the Ex-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device. The ExPRESS, after being sold to global eye care leader Alcon, is now routinely used in glaucoma surgery worldwide. He is now developing his […] Read More >

Prof. Savion Naphtali

Novel Antioxidant for Treatment of Age-related Degenerative Diseases We are studying the potential of S-allylmercapto-N-acetylcysteine (ASSNAC) a newly developed derivative of allicin (the active component in garlic) to serve as a treatment for oxidative stress associated degenerative diseases. The research involves cell biology tools and animal models. The following specific subjects are studied: Demonstrating the […] Read More >

Prof. Solomon Arieh S.

Research topic: Elucidating the degenerative and regenerative process of optic nerve following trauma, ischemia and disease. The research results will be applicable in same conditions that take place in the brain. Research methods: Immunocytochemistry analysis, Western blot analysis, confocal microscopy evaluation, electrophysiology functional recording, MRI. Projects in the lab include: Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of new […] Read More >

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Ophthalmic Testing

Consultation and lab services are offered, with a focus on eye-related medical innovations from concept through to clinical trials.   Lab Website:https://www.tau.ac.il/medicine/Goldschleger/Goldschleger.html Scientist: Michael Belkin, MA, MD Professor of Ophthalmology Director, Ophthalmic Technologies Laboratory  Goldschleger Eye Research Institute  Tel Aviv University  Sheba Medical Center  Tel Hashomer 52621  Israel Phone:  +972-3-530-2956 Fax:    +972-3-535-1577 Skype:  Belkin E-mail: belkin@netvision.net.il   Read More >

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Animal Eye Models

    Animal eye models for evaluation of systemic and topical use of new medications, devices and delivery systems. The models include external eye, intraocular, orbital, and optic nerve applications. Webpages:https://www.sheba.co.il/Institutes/Eye_Institute/Eye_Clinics/78.htmhttps://www.tau.ac.il/medicine/ophthalmology/ophth_con.html CONTACT  Department of Opthalmology Faculty of MedicineTel Aviv UniversityRamat Aviv 69978, IsraelFax: 972-3-6405354   Head of the Department:Prof. Arieh S Solomon, MD,PhDEmail: asolomon@post.tau.ac.ilPhone: 972-3-5350702Fax: […] Read More >

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