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Novel ALS biomarkers:Towards diagnostics and potential therapy

The TechnologyNovel ALS biomarkers, differentially expressed in blood and bone marrow samples from ALS patients have been identified. These are Cytoplasmic FMR Interacting Protein 2 (CyFIP2) and Retinoblastoma (Rb) Binding Protein 9 (RbBP9)... Read More >

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ZZ-PE38: a universal technology for immunotherapy

The TechnologyA novel fusion protein capable of binding to any internalizing IgG, thus forming a specific and potent immunotoxin, has been developed. The antibody-toxin conjugate is formed through an immuno-complex and may be further stabilized by... Read More >

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Silencing of Mortalin with siRNA as adjuvant for cancer immunotherapy

TechnologyA novel mode of treatment by inhibition of mortalin or mortalin synthesis as an adjuvant to antibodybased immunotherapy.Novel siRNA was designed as blocker of Mortalin expression. The anti-mortalin siRNA binds specifically to mortalin... Read More >

Targeting bone neoplasms and other cancers with novel combined anticancer and anti-angiogenic polymer therapeutics

Anti-cancer NanoTherapyUtilizing unique nano-technology to develop targeted combination nanomedicines that were shown to be synergistic, effective and safe for treating cancer TechnologyWe have developed a new platform technology for the... Read More >

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Immunotherapy for the prevention and treatment of osseous metastasis

Technology SVEP1 is a novel cell adhesion protein. Its expression is primarily associated with bone cells but is also expressed by breast carcinoma cells. Anti-SVEP1 antibodies block cell adhesion in in vitro matrix. Prevention... Read More >

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Improved Calcitonin-based Therapeutics

TechnologyThe aggregation site on human calcitonin has been identified, paving the way for development of specific inhibitors of calcitonin amyloid fibril formation. Such inhibitors will enable development of improved calcitonin therapeutics as... Read More >

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Novel markers for the identification and isolation of stem and progenitor cells

TechnologyA series of novel markers: (1) chromatin remodeling protein factor termed (CHD9/CReMM), (2) A cell adhesion protein termed (SVEP1), (3) A kinesin protein termed (MS-KIF18A), (4) RNA processing factor (SRRF/hNRNP-L) have been developed as... Read More >

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BBS (? secretase Blocking Site) Ab -A novel target for Alzheimer's and ALS immunotherapy

THE TECHNOLOGYBBS is a monoclonal antibody that binds specifically and blocks beta-secretase (BACE1) cleavage site on its substrate, APP. BBS inhibits Ab production, a hall-mark of AD and other neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS.The... Read More >

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Cell Therapy for Diabetes: Expansion and re-differentiation of adult human pancreatic islet cells for transplantation

The insulin-producing pancreatic islet β cells are destroyed in type 1 diabetes (T1D) by autoimmunity, and malfunction in type 2 diabetes (T2D), which together afflict >5% of world population. Restoration of a functional β-cell mass by... Read More >

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Novel oral formulation of Insulin

The TechnologyGagomers are novel particles (neither liposomes nor microspheres/ nanospheres) composed of hyaluronan shell which is crossed linked to phospholipids and can be generated either as micro or nano particles. The research team at Tel Aviv... Read More >