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Block polyester copolymers by ring opening polymerization employing new catalysts

Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is a plastic material derived from annually-renewable resources, which decomposes post-consumption to non-toxic materials. PLA is produced by the catalyzed ring opening polymerization (ROP) of lactide. PLA is attracting considerable current interest and has found various commodity (packaging, fibres, etc.) and biomedical (sutures, stents, tissue engineering, drug release) applications. Substantial worldwide effort […] Read More >

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The Kol group at the School of Chemistry of Tel Aviv University has been developing catalysts and technologies for the ring opening polymerization of lactones, and in-particular lactide to produce PLLA-based polymers, block-copolymers and tailor-made copolymers. Recently, a new family of catalysts was developed by the Kol group. These catalysts combine several attractive properties: 1. […] Read More >

Dr. Beck-Barkai Roy

Research Cytoskeleton protein complexes – Interaction between cytoskeleton protein complexes and their effect on the structure and elasticity of the cell. Intrinsically disordered protein – Statistical structural characterization of proteins that do not completely fold into 3d fixed structures in solutions. Nanoscopic complex – characterizing and manipulating nanoscopic complexes by grafted biopolymer. Membrane physics – stabilization of membrane to […] Read More >

Prof. Dvir Tal

Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering. Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue. Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain regeneration. Fabrication of Nanoelectronics/engineered tissue hybrids. Developing smart delivery systems that recruit stem cells to defected organs. Email: tdvir@tauex.tau.ac.il Phone: 03-6406514 Another phone: 03-6408604 Website: https://dvirlab.wixsite.com/dv… Office: […] Read More >

Prof. Golberg Alexander

Our goal is to generative fundamental knowledge on biological systems organization and function, and to apply this knowledge to develop technologies that address critical challenges in energy generation and health. Our laboratory conducts research in a wide range of research subjects including: BioEnergy systems Bioenergy systems efficiency analysis We develop models to analyze the efficiency […] Read More >

Prof. Kol Moshe

The research group of Moshe Kol is investigating the synthesis of chelalting ligands and their wrapping tendencies around main-group metals and transition metals to give well-defined complexes. These complexes are investigated mostly in catalysis of stereoselective transformations with emphasis on polymerization reactions. The current research directions include: Development of catalysts based on group 4 transition […] Read More >

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State-of-the-art X-ray Scattering Systems

Laboratory of Experimental BiophysicsSchool of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Exact ScienceThe Center for NanoScience and NanoTechnology   Services:Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS), Grazing Incident Small Angle X-ray Scatter (GISAXS) X-ray scattering provide structural information (shape and size) in non-destructive and stain free conditions. Small angle scattering is an ideal characterization […] Read More >

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