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autonomous pressure relieving aids for wheelchair patients

Technology Anti-pressure-ulcer non-powered wheelchair cushion with means for sensory compensation to stimulate frequent postural changes in patients with paraplegia.  The patient-activated wheelchair cushion shifts the sensory mechano-stimulations that provoke movement to an anatomical site which is sensitive to such stimulations (above the spinal cord injury (SCI) level). Background and Description In situations with lack of […] Read More >

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Bypassing Obstacles in MRI Guided Ultrasound

The TechnologyAn optic holographic technique, used to reduce acoustic energy density on obstacles inside a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) path.  The holograms are generated using a newly developed algorithm, based on the Gerchberg-Saxton (GS) algorithm and fit to the linear acoustical equations used in ultrasound (US) intensity patterns. The Need In HIFU a focused ultrasound […] Read More >

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Jellyfish׳ Collagen-Based Smart Wound Dressing with Antibacterial Properties

Collagen-based dressing in wounds greatly benefits the healing process. Unfortunately, most collagen is extracted from bovine tissues, which bears a significant risk of transmitting various biological contaminations. Moreover, the collagen extraction process from bovine tissue involves time and cost-consuming steps, reducing the total collagen yield and increasing the overall cost of goods. In addition, the […] Read More >

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Gaze-Contingent Music Reward Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Patients with social anxiety disorder exhibit increased attentional dwelling on social threats, providing a viable target for therapeutics. We purpose a novel gaze-contingent music reward therapy for social anxiety disorder designed to reduce attention dwelling on threats Attention bias modification refers to a novel group of treatments grounded in cognitive neuroscience targeting aberrant threat-related attention […] Read More >

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Low Frequency Nanobubbles-Enhanced Ultrasound Mechanotherapy for Noninvasive Cancer Surgery

A unique theranostic ultrasound-based technology for low-energy mechanical ablation of tissues. Noninvasive ultrasound surgery can be achieved using focused ultrasound to locally affect the targeted site without damaging intervening tissues. Mechanical ablation and histotripsy use short and intense acoustic pulses to destroy the tissue via a purely mechanical effect. Here we show that coupled with […] Read More >

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Dense Speed of Sound Shift Imaging for Ultrasonic Thermometry

During thermal therapeutic applications such as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), hyperthermia, and cryoablation, it is crucial to monitor internal tissue temperature to provide feedback on the procedure. Non-invasive MRI techniques for thermal monitoring are limited by their availability and cost. Ultrasonic thermometry is an emerging adaptable alternative due to the advantages of ultrasound in accessibility, […] Read More >

Dr. Bahar Murat

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Prof. BARNEA Ofer

Patient specific models: Assessment of fetal cardiovascular development Optimization Propofol administration during anesthesia Optimization of fluid resuscitation Assessment of cerebral blood flow autoregulation Multiscale models of physiological systems 3D fiber based model of the contracting heart Oxygen transfer to tissue Biomedical measurements and instrumentation Optimally controlled fluid administration system Detection of bubbles in blood to […] Read More >

Prof. Belkin Michael

Prof. Belkin has been involved in the establishment of many medical start-ups in ophthalmology and other fields. One of his noted contributions was inventing and developing the Ex-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device. The ExPRESS, after being sold to global eye care leader Alcon, is now routinely used in glaucoma surgery worldwide. He is now developing his […] Read More >

Prof. Einav Shmuel

Research Interests: Flow in biological systems; cardiac blood flow; Blood flow in obstructed arteries and in bypasses; blood flow through artificial heart valves; Cardiac-assist devices; magnetic resonance imaging of blood flow Read More >

Prof. Eliaz Noam

Research: Biomaterials (e.g. electrochemically-assisted deposition of calcium phosphates) and medical devices. Bio-Ferrography (e.g. for orthopaedic applications and cancer diagnostics). Environment-induced degradation of materials and hydrogen interaction with materials. Electrodeposition and electroless plating of special alloys (e.g. rhenium-based) and electropolishing. Failure analysis. Quality control of raw materials and products; consultation services for materials and processes selection. Read More >

Prof. FURST-YUST Miriam

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Prof. GANNOT Israel

Research Interests: Optical biopsy -optical diagnostic methods in medicine Laser tissue interaction Fibers and waveguides for medical applications Lasers and optics in medicine Read More >

Prof. Gefen Amit

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory  The Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory of Professor Amit Gefen (@AmitGefen) has versatile in-house testing equipment for state-of-the-art experimental (test bench) and computer modeling and simulation studies of medical devices and consumables. Professor Gefen has more than 20 years of experience in developing and executing laboratory tests and modeling and simulation work. Together with […] Read More >

Prof. GERBER Alexander

1.  Nanoscale magnetic systems. a) Spin-dependent electronic transport in ultra-thin magnetic films and granular ferromagnet – normal metal and ferromagnet – insulator mixtures. b) Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR). c) Extraordinary Hall effect in ultra-thin films and heterogeneous mixtures. d) Magnetic properties of single nanoscale magnetic clusters and their arrays. c) Development of […] Read More >

Prof. Hanein Yael

Research Interest Brain machine interface, engineered neural networks, nanotube – neuron interfaces Our research activity concerns with the development of electronic nano devices which are designed to interface with brain cells and to record their activity. These devices have far reaching applications in the realm of understanding brain disorders, the effect of drugs on the […] Read More >

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Histopathological evaluation of hard tissues and biomedical devices in their tissue implantation surrounding, using a Plastic Embedding Technique

Plastic embedding is a method that allows histological examination of soft and hard tissues (e.g., blood vessels, bones, teeth, joints and skin tissue), containing solid medical devices of different sizes and made of various materials. In addition to the standard histological observations, such as necrosis, inflammation and fibrosis, this technique provides reliable data on size […] Read More >

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Energy Conversion and Transmission

Energy Conversion and Transmission   Focus on: – Power Electronics: high efficiency conversion, dc/dc converters, dc/ac converters, control and dynamics of power systems, high power pulse generators, passive and active filters, transducers, sensors; – – Photovoltaic Systems – Piezoelectric Sensors and Transmitters – complete systems can be developed on piezoelectric bases, such as energy transmission to human tissues […] Read More >

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Turbulence and Experimental Fluid Dynamics in Gases and Liquids

Our field is experimental fluid dynamics in gases and liquids Our systems are:1. Electro-optical techniques (visual and infrared), high speed imaging, image processing and object tracking algorithms and data mining2. Tracking, velocity/forces and surface mapping  Potential services:1. Identification of contaminant sources (chemical) in air/water environment2. Flight and flows of birds and insects (odor navigation)3. Wakes […] Read More >

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Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory

  The Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory has in-house facilities for experimental and numerical studies of tissue and whole body biomechanics as well as implant systems. EquipmentMaterial and tissue testing facilities: Computer- controlled uniaxial electromechanical material testing system (Instron 5544) with various load cells and jigs for tension, compression and bending (3,4-point) loading modes Computer-controlled pendulum impact […] Read More >

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Lasers and Optics in Medicine

Development of optical methodologies for non-invasive diagnosis, development of tools for minimally invasive surgery using fibers and waveguides, and development of smart medical devices.   Prof. Israel Gannot.   Lab web page: Read More >

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Ophthalmic Testing

Consultation and lab services are offered, with a focus on eye-related medical innovations from concept through to clinical trials.   Lab Website: Scientist: Michael Belkin, MA, MD Professor of Ophthalmology Director, Ophthalmic Technologies Laboratory  Goldschleger Eye Research Institute  Tel Aviv University  Sheba Medical Center  Tel Hashomer 52621  Israel Phone:  +972-3-530-2956 Fax:    +972-3-535-1577 Skype:  Belkin E-mail:   Read More >

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