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Leading Researchers:

method developed for the extraction of Azithromycin from environmental samples

Hospital wastewaters (HWW) provide a significant point-source of pharmaceuticals into the environment, especially for substances that occur at much higher concentrations in HWW than in urban wastewater. Cytotoxic or cytostatic anti-cancer drugs, derived from oncology wards, are known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and fetotoxic. Anti-cancer pharmaceuticals are usually found in HWW. Due to their genetically […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Video stabilizer for Cardiac-MRI (CMRI) perfusion

TechnologySeveral Cardiac-MRI (CMRI) sequences are influenced by diaphragm body motion throughout the respiratory and cardiac cycles. Stabilizing these videos might allow a better medical diagnosis by radiologists. Video-stabilization and ROI-tracking are well-known problems in computer-vision, with many practical applications. However these two problems become even more challenging for medical gray videos, in which separating ROI […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Logic element based on Electrically Formed Nanowire (EFN) device

An electrostatically formed nanowire transistor, includes a source, a drain, and multiple gates surrounding a doped silicon region. The gates include a top gate, a bottom gate, and side gates. The gates induce a channel in said doped silicon region. The channel has a width which is decreased by negative biasing of the side gates, […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Multi-Modal Deep Neural Networks for Multi-Sequence MRI Guided Procedures

Image guided surgery is becoming the standard for high accuracy, low risk procedures. In this context, MRI is often the imaging modality of choice since it provides unrivalled contrast between soft tissues and consequently best detectability of the procedure target. MRI is conceptually a multi-sequence technique in which multiple scans providing complementary information are used […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Multi Focus Imaging using Optical Phase Mask

Abstract A method for extended depth of field imaging based on image acquisition through a thin binary phase plate followed by fast automatic computational post-processing is presented. By placing a wavelength dependent optical mask inside the pupil of a conventional camera lens, one acquires a unique response for each of the three main color channels, […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Antiviral agents for amantadine-resistant influenza A

THE NEED  The resistance to antiviral drugs is the main need for such a technology. Protons entry into the virus via the M2 channel is crucial for fusion of the membranes of the virus and endosome upon viral entry into the host cell. Thus, blocking of the M2 channel inhibits the virus. Indeed, adamantane derivatives, […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:


The present invention, in some embodiments thereof, relates to methods and recombinant lactic acid bacteria for the production of ethanol from biomass material by a consolidated bioprocessing approach. Additional information can be provided upon request.  Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Interferometric phase microscopy for label-free morphological evaluation of sperm cells

Portable, compact, add-on Interferometric Phase Microscope module An optical module and software package which optically compresses several interferometric images into a single camera image and thus provides extended interferometric the field of view (FOV). Records more interferometric information on the same amount of camera pixels. ApplicationsMedical industry In-vitro diagnostics -Measuring quantitative thickness profiles of biological […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Electrovariable Nanoplasmonics and Self-assembling Smart Mirrors

Nanoparticle Enabled Smart Mirrors – This technology is a methodology whereby the control of the nanoparticle surface coverage is proposed via means of a potential variance across an interface of two immiscible electrolytic solutions (ITIES). Typical ITIES is composed of water and oil forming a flat interface with each other. When ITIES is out between […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Super resolution microscopy based on photo-excited nonlinear reflectivity

A new, label free, far field super resolution scheme, aimed towards material science, which is based on ultrafast, nonlinear excitation of materials to non-equilibrium state. In a pump-probe scheme, we optically excite a spatial temperature profile throughout the diffraction limited spot, and probe the material with an overlapping beam. Due to nonlinearities in thermal properties, […] Read More >

Prof. Ben Shalom Moshe

Prof. Moshe Ben Shalom is building a layered-2D-materials lab. The lab’s research exploits thin crystalline structures to study emerging quantum transport phenomena in low-dimensional electronic systems, in particular: 2D superconductivity, planar Josephson junctions, quantum Hall effect, electronic mini-bands in Moiré super-lattices, and hydrodynamic-like flow of electrons. Research achievements include: measuring the role of spin-orbit interactions […] Read More >

Prof. Ben Shaul Nitzan

Read More >

Prof. Ben Zvi Gilad

Ecologist and entomologist. Engaged in research at Tel Aviv University Read More >

Dr. Berant Jonathan

Read More >

Prof. Bergman David Jonathan

Composite media: New physical properties that do not appear in homogeneous media; critical points in the magneto-transport and magneto-optics of metal/dielectric mixtures in the presence of a strong magnetic field; focusing of an electromagnetic wave with a resolution that is not limited by the wavelength. Read More >

Dr. Igor Berinskii

Recent advances in science and engineering allowed obtaining novel materials with unusual mechanical properties. In many cases, these properties are mainly determined by the microstructure of the materials on small scales (micro and nano) rather than by the chemical and physical properties. Usually, the microstructure is obtained naturally such as in the case of nanomaterials […] Read More >

Dr. BERKH Olga

Read More >

Ms. Berkov-Zrihen Yifat

Read More >

Ms. Berman Dana

Read More >

Prof. Berman Judith

Biotechnology Faculty of Life Sciences Email: Phone: 03-6407633 Another phone: 03-6407536 Fax: 03-6407499 Berman Lab Website: Office: Britannia-Porter, 418 Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Neurodevelopmental, Gestational, Lactational and Maternal Immune Stimulation Animal Model for Schizophrenia

Fields of InterestPharmacology of schizophrenia, animal models of psychopathology, neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia. Prof. Weiner’s lab has launched and developed the latent inhibition model of schizophrenia which mimics loss of normal attentional control in this disorder, with a focus on the pharmacology of latent inhibition as a basis for the search for novel drugs. In […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Nanometer Scale Optics of Objects and Devices

The NanoPhotonics LaboratoryThe NanoPhotonics Laboratory research is focused on the optics of nanometer scale objects and devices. In particular, the research involves nano-photonic components for telecommunication and sensing, Bragg and Photonic Crystals (PhC) based waveguides and resonators, slow light, optical polymers, nonlinear optics and secure communication.  Offered Industrial Services: Optical chip design and simulations  Spectral […] Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Unique Animal Models for Inflammatory Lung, GI, and Bowel Diseases

The Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology The Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology is new at the faculty of Medicine and deals primarily with mucosal inflammation. We focus on diseases affecting the lungs, such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), acute lung injury and gastrointestinal (GI) tract, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer.   In lungs models […] Read More >

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