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New technologies arising from university-based research are typically at an early stage of development, and require a major cash infusion to be refined, tested and proven. As a result, many discoveries with promising commercial potential never make it out of the lab. To bridge this innovation gap, Ramot initiates, manages and encourages investment in promising innovations through a variety of channels.

Over the past three years, Ramot has provided ~$40M to translational research through value enhancement programs, helping TAU researchers advance their research through the best possible routes.

Momentum Fund

This fund invests in early stage innovative projects with an eye towards rapid commercialization. It has an oversubscribed investment of $23.5M

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Government Programs

These programs, offered by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, support researchers as they nurture their innovations

The Israel innovation authority programs

Industry-Sponsored Research

Companies that become business partners through financing research interests can gain direct access to world-class inventions that may become marketable products.

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