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Leading Researchers:

High throughput genomics

DESCRIPTION: The Shomron research team focuses on the analysis of genomics aimed at understanding human disease. Combining high-throughput methods and bioinformatics, our team’s research explores gene regulators, such as microRNAs,... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Computational Modeling of Gene Expression

Prof. Tuller's lab is a leading computational lab that primarily focuses on and has extensive expertise studying and modeling diverse gene expression mechanisms and engineering gene expression based on computational and synthetic biology tools... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Energy Materials Laboratory

Design of nano-catalysts for energy storage and conversion applications. Heterogeneous catalysis for methane oxidation, CO2 conversion, fuel cell catalysts (PEMFC, AMFC, SOFC) Facilities/equipment/devices:In-situ x-ray diffraction (Up to 900C in... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

BCDD - BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery

Turning Excellent Multidisciplinary Science into Therapeutic Leads HTS Biological assays unit:The research capabilities of the High Throughput Screening (HTS) and Biological Assays Unit at the BCDD include:Cell culture of multiple cell... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Reproduction in Animal Models and in Humans

Our research focuses on Reproductive Physiology in animal models and in humans. The current research directions investigated in the laboratory are: The role of Fyn kinase, member of the Src family kinases, during meiosis and early events... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Ocean waves measurements and analysis

Interactions of sea waves with winds and currents, nonlinear wave mechanics, and HF radar measurements. A special emphasis of the group is on connecting between the field of surface gravity waves to other aspects of geophysical fluid dynamics... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

RF lab

Lab DescriptionThe antenna laboratory provides capabilities of far field and near field antenna pattern and scattering tests. Automatic and manual measurements in the frequency range of 0.1GHz – 20GHz and up could be routinely performed... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Lab of Molecular Neurodegeneration

Lab DescriptionThe goal of the lab is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of motor neuron survival and proper function using ALS disease as a model.In our current efforts we are using cutting edge in vitro and in vivo technologies studying molecular... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Lab of Cancer Angiogenesis and Nanomedicine

Selective therapy remains a key issue for successful treatment in cancer therapy. Prolonged administration of effective concentrations of chemotherapeutic or anti-angiogenic agents is usually not possible because of dose-limiting systemic... Read More >

Leading Researchers:

Laboratory of Glycoimmunology

We combine glycobiology, immunology, biotechnology and cancer research, and use cutting edge technologies within these disciplines, including glycan microarray and glyco-nanotechnology. Current interests include: § Immunological... Read More >