This fund invests in promising breakthrough
technologies in a wide range of fields

Momentum Fund Portfolio

The Momentum Fund has selected to invest in 25 technologies that were initiated by Tel Aviv University researchers. 
From these 25 technologies, five technologies were commercialized, five are under evaluation and business development activities and Seven are in different stages of research and development.

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About the Momentum Fund

The Momentum Fund invests in promising breakthrough technologies in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, high-tech and the physical sciences. 

Tata Group is the lead investor of the Momentum Fund.
Singapore-based Temaske is another key investor.

Momentum Fund investment recipients are early stage innovative projects that can receive $250K to $1M to further their research, with an eye towards rapid commercialization. 

Tel Aviv University researchers involved in funded projects receive assistance from both the Momentum Fund and Ramot in forging connections with industry, as well as guidance in all aspects involved in transforming projects into products.

More detailed information about the Fund and its investments is available via the Investors login.
This information includes profiles, details and progress reports for funded projects, financial reports, and information about committee members, upcoming meetings, and protocols from previous meetings.

Experts Support

Ramot is as a vital bridge between Tel Aviv University researchers and companies seeking an edge in the marketplace. We are dedicated to driving the transformation of early stage innovations into new, high-impact commercial products, quickly and professionally.

Every project benefits from the expertise of our business development team, enabling projects to be managed in accordance with industry best practices, including focused R&D plans with strict performance-based milestones and specific timelines and budgets. 

Scientific Committees

Lead project scientists work closely with a specially appointed independent committee comprised of industrialists, researchers and venture capitalists, all of whom provide advice and oversight to the Momentum Fund. 

The Fund invests in selected technologies from the following fields of research:

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

  • Engineering and Exact Sciences

Investment Committee

For each field, there is an investment committee consisting of

  • Ramot CEO, 
  • two senior industry experts, 
  • and one representative of each of the limited partners, with fund commitments of $5M or more, as an observer.