Tel Aviv University enters a Joint research collaboration with a global pharma company on protein degradation platform

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, October 8th, Tel Aviv University (TAU) through Ramot, its Business Engagement Center, announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with Novartis to explore several applications and uses of a novel platform for identified new targets and modulators of the ubiquitin pathways developed by Prof. Gali Prag from the TAU School of Neurobiology Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Prof. Gali Prag has developed a unique patent pending platform for identifying new targets and modulators of the ubiquitin pathways. Prof. Prag’s work has been published in high impact publications such  nature methods (Nat Methods. 2016 Nov;13(11):945-952.) which has caught the attention of several prominent players in this field. This technology has already received first investment from the Tel Aviv University Momentum Fund, in order to develop its own ubiquitin modulation pipeline.

The platform is a genetic selection tool that utilizes Escherichia coli, which lacks deubiquitylases, to identify interactions along ubiquitylation cascades. Co-expression of split antibiotic resistance protein tethered to ubiquitin and ubiquitylation target together with a functional ubiquitylation apparatus results in a covalent assembly of the resistance protein, giving rise to bacterial growth on selective media. It can be applied to discover drugs modulating the ubiquitin pathway.

“We are honored to enter into this collaboration with Novartis which is already creating a synergy between the scientific teams and we believe that this is the first step in a long-term collaboration aimed to develop drugs targeting ubiquitin pathway.” Said Shlomo Nimrodi, CEO of Ramot.

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About Ramot at Tel Aviv University

Ramot is the Business Engagement Center at Tel Aviv University, Israel’s largest research and teaching university. Founded in 1956, Tel Aviv University is located in Israel’s cultural, financial and industrial center. Rooted in both academic and corporate arenas, Ramot is uniquely positioned to cultivate the special relationships between these two compelling worlds, creating win-win connections that support fertile, ground breaking research while providing companies with discoveries that give them a crucial competitive edge. For more information, visit https://www.ramot.org.


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