Biomed 2016 - From Academy to Industry


Shlomo Nimrodi, Ramot’s CEO, organized and chaired the first time ever ITTN full day track at Biomed 2016. The morning session included a startup competition limited to startups that were founded around academic research and the afternoon session included a series of sessions discussing “From Bench to Bedside” in four major areas: Big Data, Oncology, Degenerative Diseases and Robotics. These sessions brought together leaders from Israel’s academic & medical institutions, research hubs and biomed industry, to present some of the latest innovations, now poised to impact the world’s health and wellbeing in coming years.

Out of almost 200 active startups, 47 submitted their applications for the competition and 10 were chosen to present their companies to win the first and second place and to win a cash prize of $12,000 and $6,000 accordingly. Two of Tel Aviv University’s startups won first and second place:


Synvaccine – chosen by the audience as the best startup at Biomed 2016.
SynVaccine is the platform for designing and fabricating designer viruses for biotechnology. Not the bad kind, the kind that make the world a better place. Viruses are critical components of the medical, agriculture, food and diagnostics industries. It’s time we make them safer and better.
The company has been established around a technology developed by Dr. Tamir Tuller.

Belkin Laser is the judges’ choice for the best startup of ITTN startup competition during Biomed 2016.
Belkin Laser is developing a unique one-second glaucoma laser treatment, aimed at revolutionizing access to glaucoma care, by becoming the first-line choice for glaucoma therapy for every patient, all over the world.
The company has been established around the technology developed by Prof. Michael Belkin & Dr. Mordechai Goldenfeld.

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