May 2018 - Ramot Newsletter

Great results from our latest satisfaction survey
Bridging between industry and TAU researchers is one of the primary areas in which Ramot strives to succeed.

Last February we engaged with a third-party industry expert ( to conduct an anonymous satisfaction survey with two critical populations: our researchers and our industry partners. This is the third time we have been conducting similar surveys in the past 6 years. The purpose of the surveys is to evaluate our current level of performance and identify priority areas for further improvements.
We are proud to share with you some key highlights of the two external surveys.

While we have identified further areas of continued improvements, clearly both our TAU researchers and our industry partners expressed their satisfaction from Ramot’s overall performance. We would like to deeply thank both our researchers and our industry partners for making us better by participating in these important surveys. Continually listening to our different stakeholders is critical for our success.
The “Call for proposals” for the next round of the Momentum Fund is out!

This fund offers around one-million-dollar funding for translational research technologies at Tel Aviv University. Do not miss the opportunity to receive funding for your cutting-edge research!
We would appreciate receiving your proposal by July 1st 2018.
Contact your business development manager at Ramot, or call our office for more details.

To this date, 24 technologies have been funded, of which four have already been licensed, some of which already generated value back to the inventors as well as TAU and the Momentum Fund shareholders.
If you think you have great technology with market promise, just do it!

Setting the ground for a new startup
Another Momentum Fund technology at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona – the world’s largest congress for the mobile industry.
Last February we presented at the congress the MultiView – a technology developed at the labs of Prof. David Mendlovic. This is a low cost & simple camera design which senses color and depth information from one optical system in one exposure. It will provide 3D capabilities with a low price tag to the IoT market and 2-tier level of mobile devices.

This technology addresses the mobile and IoT markets and received its own branding, including logo design, slogan, marketing materials and a movie. 

Showcasing our cutting-edge technology
During the “IDTechEx Show!” in last April we presented leading Momentum Fund  technologies that include silver nano-wires transparent conductive films, and silicon anode for Li-ion batteries.
This show presents the latest emerging technologies at one event covering 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, Graphene, Internet of Things, Off Grid Energy Independence, Printed Electronics, Sensors & Wearable Technology.
The group of Prof. Gil Markovich from Tel Aviv University developed a unique process for growing patterned conductive transparent silver nanowires thin film electrodes. In this unique process the nanowires grow in-situ, directly on the substrate, enabling easy patterning of the films during the coating process.
In contrast, other methods of producing silver nanowire films deposit pre-grown nanowires on the surface and then treat them at elevated temperature so they merge into a uniform network.

A novel high-performance and low-cost silicon nano-structured anode for lithium-ion batteries has been developed at Tel Aviv University.

This anode offers a safer, higher capacity rechargeable battery:

  • Easily scalable unique manufacturing process
  • Compatible with current production process of lithium ion cells
New Products Launches
Only last August, Ramot and BIOSYNTH AG announced their joint development work on novel detection molecules. In February, Biosynth announced that just after six months of intensive work together the first products have been launched. These are the most sensitive substrates for the detection of phosphatase activity in the world market today.
The 18th CBRC Meeting
Adi Elkeles and Elisha Natan, our VP Business Development of Life Sciences represented Ramot at the Cancer Biology Research Center conference, which was held on May 18th. This meeting brought together researchers and leading oncologists from Tel Aviv University and its affiliated hospitals. Learn more about the center.
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