IDF - Invention Disclosure Form


Protecting your innovation starts by filing an Invention Disclosure Form. 

This provides us basic information about the invention, helps us assess the commercial potential, and supports the patent filing decision. Once your intellectual property has been protected, your business development manager at Ramot can begin working with you to commercialize your invention via an industry license, a start-up company, or other means. 

Download Invention Disclosure form

Once completed, please send the form to our patent department.
If you have any question, please contact your business development manager, or our Head of IP - Michal Millo

Submit Invention Disclosure Form Early and Often

We strongly encourage inventors to submit an Invention Disclosure Form  before any public disclosures (lecture, posters, presentations, etc.) that may adversely affect the patentability of an invention. However, even if you have already disclosed your idea, it is still possible to receive protection, so we’d still like to hear from you.