Protect your

Discover why you need to protect your invention,
and how to do it.

Step 01 – Disclosure of your invention

Please provide your details in the short request form on the right side of
this page and Ramot’s IP team will contact and guide you regarding the next

Disclosing your invention to Ramot is the initial step to protecting your
intellectual property.
Please refrain from revealing any information
about your invention before contacting Ramot.

Step 02 – Analysis and review of the invention

Based on a detailed invention-disclosure provided by you, your idea will be
carefully analyzed and assessed by Ramot’s IP team. An idea that meets the
conditions set by law for an invention can be patented.

Step 03 – Protection of the invention by Intellectual Property (IP)

Once Ramot decides to pursue IP protection through patent filing, an expert
patent attorney will draft the patent application. Inventors will be involved
in constructing a research plan that will allow the support of the patent
claims towards the first-year milestone.

Step 04 – Monetization and commercialization of the invention

The IP serves as a tool for Ramot’s Business-development experts to
recognizing and realize potential funding opportunities, and to generate,
support and facilitate interest, collaboration and commercialization of the
invention with industry partners.

Important information for inventors:

Public disclosure made prior to filing a patent application can jeopardize or
eliminate the possibility of obtaining patent protection. If you intend to
disclose any information about your invention, including publications,
lectures, abstracts, symposiums, posters, etc.
please immediately contact Ramot’s IP team though the form located to the right.

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