Department: Cell Research and Immunology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Gat-Viks Irit

My group develops computational systems biology approaches to tackle a major problem in medicine: to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying the basis of complex disease. We broadly pursuit two goals:

Use genomic knowledge to understand how signal transduction, transcriptional control and other molecular factors underlie autoimmune and infectious disease, and

Understand how DNA variations in the genomes of individuals shape their complex disease phenotypes.

Our aim is to map and quantitatively characterize this complex cellular immune response, to extend our understanding of heritable disease susceptibility, and eventually, to devise biomarkers for diagnosis and personalize therapeutics. To that end, we develop computational methods in statistics, probabilistic modeling, and bioinformatics, and work in a close collaboration with experimental labs to design and perform high-throughput experiments. Our research is stimulated by new technologies, and we employ genome-wide data such as microarrays, nanostring and sequencing, with advanced methods in learning and statistics.

Phone: 03-6406945
Office: Britannia-Porter, 209


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