Faculty: Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Dr. Harlev Mickey

The Tel-Aviv University (TAU) holds several regular and SPF (Specific
Pathogen Free) animal care facilities, providing state-of-the-art non-clinical
and pre-clinical laboratory research services.

We can perform multi-level studies, using a large
variety of animals and supply veterinarian services, to our TAU researchers and
to external companies and institutes.

We provide a continuum of complete tailor-made
experiments and projects, from consultative study design and execution,
regulatory affairs, ethic applications, protocol planning, program management
and supervision, to linking to the best-fitted researchers according to the
customer’s specifications and needs.
We maintain, breed and conduct
experiments in rodents as well as in bigger animals such as pigs and small
ruminants. We perform drug administration via various routes, blood collection,
surgical services and necropsies.

We share imaging facilities for small animals,
using MRI, ultrasound and two-photon microscopy.
We are highly customized to
your unique needs and opened to our customers adjustments.

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