Dr. Berinskii Igor

Recent advances in science and engineering allowed obtaining novel materials with unusual mechanical properties. In many cases, these properties are mainly determined by the microstructure of the materials on small scales (micro and nano) rather than by the chemical and physical properties. Usually, the microstructure is obtained naturally such as in the case of nanomaterials and specifically 2D materials. However, recent progress in manufacturing techniques inspired engineers to construct artificial materials referred to as ‘metamaterials’. In his Multiscale Mechanics of Solids (MSMS) lab Dr. Berinskii and his team investigate a connection between the microstructure and macroscopic mechanical behavior by means of analytical and computational analysis. Their aim is to explain existing unusual mechanical properties and predict new outstanding features to be used in engineering applications.

Research Interests:

  • Mechanics of media with microstructure
  • Cellular materials / Metamaterials
  • Nanomechanics / NEMS / MEMS
  • Micromechanics of fracture

Email: igorbr@tauex.tau.ac.il
Phone: 03-6408397
Website: https://www.berinskii.sites.ta…

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