Cellular biophysics, MRI, diffusion weighted imaging, portable MRI systems, neuroscience, characterization of porous materials, immunology, self-non-self discrimination, autoimmunity, ecoimmunity.
Department: Bio-Medical Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Nevo Uri

We search for simple biophysical and mathematical laws that define the behavior of cells, and specifically of neurons. Our primary biophysical goal is to understand and measure the relation between cellular events and water displacement. We wish to employ this knowledge for the development of MRI techniques for characterization of cellular microstructures and cellular events. Our hypothesis is that changes to the cytoskeleton flow neuronal damage and neuroal activity and affect diffusion of water molecules. We wish to model these cahnges.

We combine the use of MRI, fluorescent microscopy and theoretical biophysical modeling and develop methods in Diffusion Weighted NMR to quantify water displacement and to characterize tissues microstructure.
Our NMR expertise extends to the study of biomedical applications using a stray field (low B0) NMR scanner. We develop methods to accelerate scans with such stray-feild scanners and demonstrate biomedicalvale in pre-clinical and clinical experiemnts.
Our expertise in biophysical modeling has led us to develop CellStudio: a unique framework for modeling of complex biological systems. This is an agent based model allowing simulation and visualization of hundreds of cells that interact in space and time. The systmes model both biophysical and biological interactions.

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