Department: Physiology and Pharmacology
Faculty: Medicine-Sackler Faculty
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Perlson Eran

Research Interest

Nanomotors and microfluidic platforms reveal neurodegeneration mechanisms

Neuron cell death and synapse disruption seen in neurodegenerative diseases like ALS. It is a non-cell-autonomous process and involve a multi system progression. Neurons are highly polarized cells with very long axons. In order to maintain healthy and function properly the neurons depends on accurate and efficient long distance communication mechanism. Consequently, the precise targeting and delivery of cellular signals to specific, distinct sub-cellular compartments in neurons is largely achieved via axonal transport mechanisms.  Axonal transport is the cellular process of moving proteins, organelles, vesicles, RNA and other cellular factors to (retrograde) and from (anterograde) the neuron cell body. The molecular motor kinesin drives anterograde transport while the dynein motor drives the retrograde transport.