Department: School of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Dr. Wine Yariv

My fascination with antibody repertoire, along with the lack of technologies for its study, led me to develop a pioneering technology specifically aimed at analyzing antibody repertoire in serum and secretions at health, following disease or vaccine. The approach we use provides us the means to broaden our understanding regarding the development of the adaptive immune response and the complex relationship between antibody encoding B cell V genes and the circulating antibody repertoires.

The used approach integrates several state-of-the-art technologies including next generation sequencing (NGS), shotgun proteomics (LC-MS/MS), advanced bioinformatic tools, peptide arrays and structural analysis.

Collectively, our approach can serve as a platform for antibody discovery as well as a toolkit for the in-depth analysis of the adaptive immune system. This unprecedented analysis should help us answer basic scientific questions concerning the development of the humoral immune response and can be readily translated into essential guidelines for the development of therapeutic antibodies, customized individual treatments towards personalized medicine and new vaccines design.


Projects in the lab include:

  • Systematic in-depth multi-approach analysis of Host-Staphylococcus aureus interaction towards next generation of therapeutic and diagnostic solutions
  • Trans-placental transfer of antibodies during pregnancy
  • Monitoring and profiling the anti-drug antibodies (ADA) repertoire following inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) treatment with anti-TNF-α monoclonal antibodies (Infliximab/Remicade, Humera/Adalimumab)
  • Breast milk antibody repertoire analysis and its role in programming the gut microbiome during the first year the neonates life
  • Antibody repertoire analysis of emerging infectious disease convalescence patients (Ebola, SARS-CoV etc.)
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