Department: School of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Benhar Itai

Prof. Benhar is an expert and opinion leader in the field of antibody engineering. Over the 25 years of being active in that field, he prepared several phage display libraries from which antibodies against numerous targets were isolated. Prof. Benhar publishes over 100research papers, wrote 10 book chapters and submitted 19 patent applications. Research in Prof. Benhar’s group if currently focused on three major topics: 1) evaluation of novel formats of bispecific antibodies and of antibody-toxin fusion proteins as potential anti-cancer agents. 2) Evaluation of death switches that are activated by viral proteases (published in the field of Hepatitis C virus) for potential eradication of virus-infected cells. 3) Application of filamentous phages as targeted drug-carrying nanomedicines for eradication of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Prof. Benhar teaches courses in Antibody Engineering, Introduction to Biotechnology, and Scientific literacy in Biotechnology.

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