Oral Biology, Dental
Department: Dental school
Faculty: Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Brosh Tamar

Biochemical Aspects of Dental Restorations and Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Biomechanical behavior and response to dental treatments are studied in our laboratory and our in vivo studies. Restorative materials, including bonding materials,are tested for performance (e.g., durability and strength). We work on improving their properties by combining nano-tubes with the materials (in cooperation with the Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Department). For this, we study their shear strength, diametral-tensile strength and shear bond strength.


Aiming to understand the phenomenon of vertical root fractures, we work on evaluating the influence of various posts materials (used in endodontic treatment) on root-surface strain development by measuring the surface strains with strain gauges. Regarding orthodontics, we try to understand the behavior and influence of transparent aligners on the movement of teeth in vivo.

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