Department: School of Chemistry
Faculty: Exact Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Cohen Yoram


Supramolecular Systems in Solution; Applications of Diffusion NMR to Supramolecular Systems (Complexation, Structure Elucidation and Hydration); 
Hydrogen-Bond Molecular Capsules in Solution; Solution Host-Guest Chemistry; 
Synthesis and Applications of Target Specific MRI Contrast Agents; 
Applications of Diffusion MRI and MRS for Studying Brain Structure and Mechanisms of Brain Injury (Stroke, Trauma and other Neurological Disorders); 
q-Space diffusion MRI (QSI) of the  Central nervous System (CNS); 
Double Pulsed-Field Gradient (d-PFG) NMR and MRI: From Model Systems to Imaging of the CNS: Gleaning Microstructural Information on Opaque and Neuronal Systems by d-PFG MRS and MRI.
Cellular and Molecular MR imaging in the CNS.