Department: Physical Electronics
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Croitoru Nathan

Thin Films — Methods of deposition and growing, transport properties of metallic and semiconductors, electronic memories, optical filters, guides, modulators solar cells and thin film transistors and detectors.

    1. Optical fibers and waveguides for infrared. – Materials with low attenuation for mid infrared up to 12 µm. Methods for drawing fibers and hollow fibers for use in medicine or for temperature sensing. Theoretical study of influence on bending on light propagation in hollow fibers. Plastic, glass and metal hollow fibers.
    2. Semiconductor Devices — Novel types of electronic memories, detectors, surface acoustic wave and solar cell devices are made and investigated. Integrated circuits and microphotolithography methods are used. Integrated optic and microwave devices (passive and active).
    3. Transparent Conductors — Theoretical and experimental investigation of the physical properties of ITO, SnO2 , In2O3 , ZnO and CdSnO4. Conditions of doping for variation of the limit between the transparency and reflectivity. Application of transparent conductors as heat reflectors, Schottky junctions and protective layers.
    4. Photoconductive, Photovoltaic and Secondary Emission — New types of materials are investigated, suitable for detectors and amplifiers of light. The influence of structure and composition on the lifetime of generated carriers is studied.

Diamond — like (DLC) and wear protective coatings (ZrN and TiN).

  1. High Tc superconductors.
  2. a:DLC, SAW and High Energy devices and detectors.
  3. Thin silver films for ULSI metallization.
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