Magnetic sensors, Non-volatile magnetic memory
Department: School of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty: Exact Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. GERBER Alexander

Nano-scale magnetism and Hall effect spintronics.

1.  Nanoscale magnetic systems.

a) Spin-dependent electronic transport in ultra-thin magnetic films and granular ferromagnet – normal metal and ferromagnet – insulator mixtures.

b) Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR).

c) Extraordinary Hall effect in ultra-thin films and heterogeneous mixtures.

d) Magnetic properties of single nanoscale magnetic clusters and their arrays.

c) Development of new experimental techniques for nanoscale magnetometry, with a special emphasis on the extraordinary Hall effect technique.

d) Development of new magnetic field sensors and memory devices based on the extraordinary Hall effect.

2. Heterogeneous superconducting systems.

a) Localized superconductivity and insulator – superconductor transition in granular superconductors.

b) Superconducting fluctuations above and below the metal-insulator transition.

c) Proximity effect in superconductor – normal metal and superconductor – ferromagnet mixtures.

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