Department: Physical Electronics
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Grunbaum Enrique

Growth and structure of thin solid films; epitaxial growth and molecular beam epitaxy; metal and semiconductor single-crystal films; magnetic properties of thin films and surfaces; reflection high-energy electron diffraction; transmission and scanning electron microscopy of metals, semiconductors and superconductors; photovoltaic solar cells; solar collectors (desinfection of drinking water by solar energy).

Recent and Current R&D Projects:

  • High efficiency single-crystal film solar cells.
  • Molecular beam epitaxy of silicon, germanium and germanium-silicon alloy films.
  • Scanning electron microscope studies with the electron beam induced current mode (EBIC) of III-V compound semiconductors.
  • High-resolution transmission electron microscope studies of the relaxation process and misfit dislocations in GaAs/InGaAs lattice-strained multi-quantum well p-i-n solar cells.
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