Department: Physical Electronics
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Marom Emanuel Z"L

Research Interests:

Holography and Optical Processing. Theoretical and experimental studies of holography (optical, acoustical and microwave domains), Interferometry, Non-destructive testing of materials, Holographic Interferometry, Heterodyne Holography, Optical detection of material fatigue and strain, Pattern recognition, Image restoration, Wiener Filtering for detection in presence of noise, 3-D displays, Spatial light modulation, etc. Optical computing. Data subtraction (coherent and incoherent optical signals), Matrix and Array multiplication, Electro-optic data handling (convolution, correlation, ambiguity functions, matrix inversion), Invariant Pattern Recognition, Optical associative memories (holographic storage and phase conjugate optics), Neural network models. Diffractive optical elements, computer generated optical elements, beam forming and system analysis.
Optical Communication. Guided waves and Integrated Optics, Optical fiber systems, Fiber characterization, Guided modes analysis, Integrated-optic elements (modulators, switches, directional couplers), Fiber sensors, Signal processing, etc.