Department: Physical Electronics
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Mendlovic David

Silicon nano-photonic dynamic devices

* Optical interconnection networks based on free space propagation.
* Dynamic optical switches.
* Temporal optics and its uses for optical signal processing.
* Mathematical tools for optical signal processing: Fractional Fourier transform, Wigner distribution.
* Optical signal processors: Wavelet processor, fuzzy logic optical controller.
* Diffractive optical elements, Production: Dry and wet etching, binary optics, computer generated and originated holography.
* Diffractive optical elements, Applications: Beam shaping, optical bus and clock distribution, array illuminator, Fourier optics.
* Super resolution.

David Mendlovic is a Tel Aviv University full Professor of electro-optics. He has authored more than 200 technical articles, 3 book chapters, and is the holder of more than 40 patents all of them have been commercialized. Prof. Mendlovic is the 1998 winner of the ICO (International Commission of Optics) Award. During the past decade, he led various commercial and business development activities. Two of his patents became worldwide technology standards (fibers for medical internal operations and long range barcode scanners by Symbol Technologies). He is a founder of successful opto-electronics startup companies (e.g. Civcom and Eyesquad) and served as their CEO. After being acquired by Tessera he became the General Manager of Tessera Israel and later on the General Manager of Tessera’s Image Enhancement Division. Prof. Mendlovic was the Chief Scientist of the the Israeli Ministry of Science.

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