Department: Cell Research and Immunology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Peer Dan

Our lab is studying how to manipulate cells’ functions in order to generate novel strategies to treat inflammatory diseases and cancers. We are combining multidisciplinary approaches including immunology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, protein engineering, material sciences, nanotechnology and computational techniques for drug discovery and potentially for therapeutics. In addition, we are developing nanomedicines by designing highly selective targeting moieties and novel nanocarriers, with an ultimate goal to translate some of our findings into clinical settings. We are particularly interested in

  • Developing novel strategies for targeted drug delivery.
  • Probing and manipulating the immune system with nanomaterials.
  • Studying the role of cell cycle regulators during inflammatory bowel diseases and blood cancers.
  • Investigating novel cancer multidrug resistance inhibitors.
  • Studying novel approaches to target adult stem cells (hematopoietic; bulge, cancer).
  • Harnessing RNAi as a tool for drug discovery and for therapeutic applications.
  • Developing tools to study immuno-nanotoxicity.
  • Investigating polysaccharides as building blocks for Nanotherapeutics.
  • Developing non-invasive theranostic systems for IBD and blood cancers.