Department: School of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Rishpon Judith

Professor Rishpon¹s research is centered on the fundamentals of biological interactions at solid-liquid interfaces with emphasis on electrochemical biosensors.

Current research includes:

Novel immunosensors based on enzyme channeling.
Biosensors based on enzyme cascades.
Electrochemical and optical investigation of the electron transfer reactions of macrocyclic and polymeric mediators and application of their catalytic activity in biosensors.
NO sensors; Investigation of the action of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase; measurement of NO in cancer cells.
Electrochemical on-line monitoring of gene expression and its application in the detection of environmental pollutants.
Interactions of estrogen and xenoestrogen with their hormone-receptors in lipid layers.
Biosensors to identify infectious diseases.
Biosensors to detect environmental pollutants.
Biosensors to detect food safety.
Optical evanescent wave biosensors (in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering).
Investigation of tuberculosis KatG peroxidase-catalase reaction and its role in the resistance to isoniazide, the current treatment of choice.

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