Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Rosenwaks Yossi

Research Topics:

Photovoltaic Cells
The research proposes to develop a novel photovoltaic cell converting sunlight to electricity at higher efficiency relative to existing cells, and with improved flexibility for integration in modules, both one-sun and concentrating.

KPFM image deconvolution algorithm
In Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) the long range electrostatic forces between the measuring tip and the surface of the measured sample creates an averaging effect of the features in the sample which is expressed by a convolution between the tip’s Point Spread Function (PSF) and the potential image of the sample. this effect prevents quantitative measurement of nanostructures. the objective is to develop a deconvolution algorithm that restores the actual sample work function and reconstructs images measured even on rough surfaces. This will allow us to extract the actual surface potential from any KPFM measurement in general, and of nanostructures in particular.

Atomic resolution UHV AFM and KPFM measurements

Semiconductor and organic nano-structures characterization using ambient and ultra high vacuum
(UHV) AFM and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM),  low temperature (LT) UHV KPFM,  SEM.

Biochemical Field-Effect Transistor
The overall objective of the research is to understand the mechanism of biosensing of FET based biosensors. An additional goal is to untangle the question of the electrostatic effect of polar molecular layers: field effects, polar effects or maybe both. The goals will be achieved while demonstrating the advantages of using the KPFM method in measuring the changes in channel band bending directly.

Pentacene organic thin-film transistors (OTFT)
Investigation of the electrical properties in the Grain Boundaries (GB) using KPFM and other methods in order to shed light on the details of microscopic intermolecular-transport dynamics, especially trapping and detrapping mechanisms in the GB.

Silicon Nanowires

Our research focuses on determining the doping profiles of Vapour Liquid Solid (VLS) grown silicon Nanowires (NW) by using KPFM measurments in conjunction with numerical solutions.we are also focusing on understanding the electrical characteristics of NW based devices.

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