Department: Physical Electronics
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Ruschin Shlomo

Research Interests:

Waveguided Optics. Processing and characterization of optical waveguides of various types: Waveguides based on LiNbO3 technology, polymers and ion-exchanged glass. Research on novel integrated optical devices of passive and active types. Devices for Optical Communication, WDM, and ultra-fast modulators. Waveguide laser sources and non-linear waveguide devices.

Optical Sensors. Sensing structures of enhanced sensitivity and selectivity. Biochemical and environmental sensors based on waveguided structures. Porous Silicon thin-film sensors. Sol-Gel thin-film laser sensors.

Laser Physics. Modeling an characterization of laser systems. Beam propagation methods, resonator design. Shaping of laser beams. Development of methods in order to shape the transverse profile of laser beams by using non-conventional optical elements in laser resonators.

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