Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof Shacham- Diamand Yosi

Research Interest

Nano-chemical processes for Microelectronics and integration of biological material on chip for acute toxicity detection
Nano-chemistry for electronics applications- Physical and electrical characterization of electronic devices for CMOS technologies made by various chemical techniques such as self assembled monolayers and surface catalyzed auto catalytic electrochemical processes.   The research involves studying of the basic chemistry and electrochemistry of those structures as well as the fabrication steps and the integration onto CMOS compatible structures that can be used for electronics and nano-bio interfacing applications.
Interconnects applications for ULSI   – nano-scale Cu Damascene interconnect structures, Cu deposition on nano structures with high aspect ratio, barrier and capping layers, deposition on low-k (low dielectric constant) insulating materials.  Electroless plating of Cu wires, Co and Nickel alloy barriers on low-dielectric constant materials. The group main research activities are on the following topics: Electrical properties of interconnect structures, materials properties – composition, texture, morphology, field effect transistors applications, electrical characterization, physical modeling, electrical modeling.

The main applications that are being investigated today:
Cell on chip applications – integration of cells on bio-chips for functional sensing of molecular components in aqueous solutions. The cells are genetically engineered to generate a readily detectable electrical signal upon sensing toxicants; this signal will be detected by either nano-electrodes or the ion-sensitive field effect transistors, amplified, interpreted and broadcast by the electronic circuitry.Both nano-electrodes and the transistors will be made using self assembled techniques.
Directed metallization of cells for integrated electrochemical nano-biochip  – electroless deposition in two levels: molecularlevel and cellular level and studying the impact of metal deposition of cells on integrated biochip. It will be followed by experimental section which includes enzyme/cell metallization and activity experiments, evaluation of the immobilization of the metallized cells and electrochemical measurement of the metallized cells

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