Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Shmilovitz Doron


Power electronics is a fundamental enabling technology for most electronic circuits, systems, and devices. Power management applications span a wide power range, from the MW range in utility applications through kW for motor drives and various industrial applications, tens of watts to several hundred mW in notebooks and various mobile devices, down to mW and below for wearable and implanted medical devices and sensors. In many cases, in addition to energizing systems to allow their operation (for instance, in computer systems), a system’s operation is often managed and controlled by the power electronics section. Examples include motor drive applications, pulsed power generation [1, 2], actuators [3], and energy harvesting devices. Here, I briefly describe my research results with the goal of pointing out the nature of the problem-solving work I enjoy.

Wireless power supply and energy harvesting for remote devices

Power processing for photovoltaics and energy-saving systems

Power management optimization for distributed power systems

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