Department: School of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Solomon Beka

My scientific interest is focused on investigation of biorecognition in general and on the nature of the interactions of antibodies and their corresponding antigens in particular. In my research work I am involved in the elucidation of the mode of action of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) on the structure and function of their corresponding antigens in in vitro and in vivo environments. Antibodies were found to act as reporting probes for the detection of conformational changes induced in various protein antigens by environmental factors, as well as playing active roles in inducing changes and rearrangements in the antigen molecule. The following topics are being investigated:

  1. detection of conformation changes in the protein antigen by their mAbs.
  2. stabilization of the antigen structure by mAbs.
  3. Chaperone characteristics of mAbs leading to the refolding of the respective antigen.
  4. Prevention of aggregation and solubilization of previously formed protein aggregates.


In addition, I am involved in the design and production of novel antibodies with the desired combination of binding specificity and biological properties.


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