Faculty: The School of Social Work
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Tal Alon

Demography: Environmental and social impacts of high population densities in Israel; Carrying capacity of Israel and region; effect of crowding on behavior; incentives for combatting high fertility rates and poverty.

Environmental policy: the effect of environmental taxes on pollution in China; regulation of pharmaceuticals and EDC in wastewater.
Environmental law:  Biodiversity protection and legislation; new regulatory strategies for addressing offshore gas and oil exploration and production;
Environmental History – Israel’s forestry policies; Israel’s nature conservation efforts; Environmental activism;
Climate Change Policy – Municipal efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; Evaluation of Israeli implementation of Paris Agreement;
Transboundary Environmental Cooperation – Design and implementation of peace parks; cooperative approaches to integrated Jordanian/ Palestinian/ Israeli water supply; Cost-effective wastewater treatment strategies.
Desertification and public policy – Grazing standards and forest fires; biodiversity protection and afforestation in the drylands; evaluating the impact of global programs and policies to combat land degradation.
Environmental education – Evaluation of informal environmental education programs; introducing biodiversity into educational curricula through the TiME initiative.
Water Management: Stream restoration; Lake Kinneret watershed management,
Sustainable agriculture: Impacts of wastewater irrigation; food security programs and international aid.

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