Department: The School oh Psychological Sciences
Faculty: Social Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Weiner Ina

Research topic: Translational models of schizophrenia and depression as tools for understanding their development and prevention

Research methods: Brain imaging, brain stimulation, neurodevelopmental manipulations, behavioral manipulations and analysis, systemic and intracerebral pharmacology, molecular biology/ proteomics/drug development (collaborations).

Main projects:

  1. Delineating the developmental trajectories of schizophrenia-like and depression-like neuroanatomical changes and behavioral abnormalities following early exposure to risk factors for these disorders
  2. Can schizophrenia and depression be prevented?: Testing the capacity of antipsychotic and novel experimental drugs to prevent the emergence of schizophrenia-like and depression-like behavioral and brain abnormalities following early insult.
  3. Testing the potential therapeutic and preventive effects of nonpharmacological interventions, from exercise and cognitive effort to deep brain stimulation (DBS)
  4. Modeling menopause in female rats
  5. Early developmental insults: what determines if they lead to schizophrenia or depression?
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