Department: Electrical Eng-Systems
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Weiss Anthony Joseph

Research Interests:

1.    Statistical Signal Processing.

2.    Digital Signal Processing.

3.    Sensor, Antenna Array Processing.

4.    Direction Finding, Emitter localization.

5.    Radar, Sonar Problems.

6.    Lower Bounds on Performance.

7.    Efficient Optimization Algorithms.

8.    Sensor and wireless networks

9.    SAR

10. Navigation

Current Projects:
1.    Cellular Radar

2.    Wildlife TDOA tracking system (with Minerva center HUJI)

3.    Indoors geolocation

4.    Ray tracing location in urban environment

5.    Wireless network nodes location

6.    Single platform localization

7.    Smart Fusion of multiple radar measurements

8.    Optimal beamforming with partial channel knowledge

9.    SAR

10.  Doppler based navigation

11.  Bio-mimicry range-azimuth-classification

12.  Sensors smart synchronization

13.  Signal Dependent Localization

14. Underwater Acoustics

15. Satellite Navigation with SPACEIL