Department: Electrical Eng-Systems
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Weiss George

Research interests:

Distributed parameter systems, passive and conservative systems, robust and optimal control, repetitive control, discretization of control systems, functional analysis, control of power converters, distributed power generation, power filtering, signals, sampling, periodic systems, prediction.

George Weiss, together with Qing-Chang Zhong, has developed the concept of a synchronverter that will enable the grid integration of large renewable energy generators. For more technical information, click here. Even better, look up his relevant publications on ResearchGate.

George Weiss was involved in a large project (partly funded by ISF, the Israel Science Foundation) on the control of coupled systems and their application to the suppression of vibrations in wind turbines. For relevant papers click here or here. This research is continued in another project funded by ISF, the internal model based control of complex systems, see for instance here.

Recently, George Weiss has been working with scientists in Exeter (UK) to increase the efficiency of wave energy converters, a possible further source of renewable energy. For more technical information, click here.

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