Parameters estimation, independent component analysis, latent variable analysis, blind source separation and blind equalization, source localization methods, generic tools for statistical signal processing
Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Prof. Yeredor Arie

My areas of Interest:

Statistical Signal Processing and Estimation Theory:

  • Blind Source Separation (BSS) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
  • Hessians of the log characteristic function (“Charrelation Matrices”) as an alternative to classical High-Order Statistics
  • Passive time-delay estimation for multiple signals with multiple sensors
  • Passive time-delay estimation in the presence of multipath
  • Spectral estimation from partial data
  • Sparsity-based signal processing and system identification
  • Estimation in impulsive noise
  • Extended Least Squares (XLS) estimation
  • Non-asymptotic performance analysis

Linear-Algebraic Tools in Signal Processing:

  • Total Least Squares (TLS) and Errors-In-Variables (EIV) modeling
  • Structured Total Least Squares (STLS) and related algorithms
  • Algorithms for approximate joint diagonalization
  • Optimal weighting in approximate joint diagonalization
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