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A novel behavioral bioassay for preclinical testing and characterization of CNS agents

Background Animal models of human diseases of the CNS occupy a central role in drug discovery yet these models fail to yield new insights and efficacious drugs for the treatment of these diseases, in a field having a collective economic cost... Read More >

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Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel

The Technology A breakthrough Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel (SAPH) has been developed. SAPH is a safe, self-assembled, biocompatible, remarkably strong hydrogel with modulated stability that is suitable for various medicinal and cosmetic... Read More >

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Product Authentication using Nanoimprinting Lithography (NIL)

A unique Nano Imprinting Lithography (NIL) technology, based on a polymeric replication method, to battle counterfeiting• Extremely difficult to copy or forge• Inexpensive implementation (tag printing)Tag printing: Imprint on the... Read More >

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''Smart'' Textiles integrating Peptide Nanostructures

The TechnologyTextiles that have been modified by integrating peptide nanostructures show remarkable properties. These include the physical and chemical properties of the fabric, such as strength and fire-resistance, as well as much more... Read More >

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Eye Gaze Correction for Video Conference

The Invention An algorithm has been developed that can detect the eyes of a video photographed subject. The eyes can then be artificially placed so that they are looking at the camera irrespective of the actual direction the eyes may be... Read More >

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Display of High Dynamic Range Images on Conventional Displays

The Invention Current image acquisition and processing allow construction of images with a very wide range of luminous levels. The invention is a method for intelligently manipulating the luminous levels into a displayed image where a... Read More >

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Smart Video Retargeting

The Invention With the recent advent of mobile video displays and their expected proliferation, there is an acute need to display videos on smaller displays than originally intended. There are two main issues recognized today; one is the need to... Read More >

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Electrochemically Identifying and Measuring Genotoxins in Water

The Invention A field deployable device for near real-time identification and quantitiatve measurement of genotoxins in water. The device contains a low cost disposable probe head which quickly and accurately alerts if genotoxins are... Read More >

Harvesting Solar Energy: Hydrogen production by a semi-artificial photo-system

The Technology An artificial ferredoxin-hydrogenase fusion enzyme (Fd-HydA) has been developed for the production of hydrogen gas in algae. The Fd-HydA fusion enzyme interferes with the formation of the naturally occurring ferredoxin-sugar... Read More >

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High Speed Photonic Digital-To-Analog Conversion

The Technology A novel integrated optical modulator based on a multi-electrode Mach-Zehnder modulator has been developed at Tel-Aviv University. The device has superior performance in terms of linearity, dynamic range and implementation... Read More >