ADAPT Affect Dynamics and Personalized Therapies Lab

Using clinical neuroscience and naturalistic research methods to study deep phenotyping of dysregulation and externalizing problems in youth and advancing mechanism-informed and personalized treatments.

Specific Research interests/topics: 

  • Dysregulation 
  • Anger, aggression, irritability 
  • Externalizing psychopathology
  • Impulsivity and inhibition 
  • Naturalistic “in the wild” measurement
  • Parental and environmental factors 
  • Personalized therapeutic interventions.
  • Child and adolescent 

Research methods:
We employ multimodal techniques including cognitive-behavioral tasks, eye-tracking, ecological momentary assessment (EMA), physiological recoding, clinical and environmental observations, to study the basis of externalizing psychopathology and clinical dimensions of anger, aggression, and impulsivity in youth. 

Main projects in the lab include:
1. Inhibitory control impairment in youth with externalizing problems 
2. Daily dynamics between impulse-control, anger, and aggression.
3. Behavioral approach (“fight”  response) tendencies in externalizing problems.

Lab Facilities and capabilities:
1. Characterization and deep phenotyping of externalizing problems in children and adolescents
2. Utilizing technology for ecological, in the wild, sampling and measurement. 
3. Clinical assessment and interventions 
4. Eye-tracking 

Available Research Services:
1. In-vivo, real-time assessment of mood symtpoms and cognitive performance
2. Psychotherapy and parent management treatment for youth with severe irritability and outbursts (soon). 

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