Brauner Lab

Research Interests:

  • Two-phase liquid-liquid and gas-liquid flows . Press here to download LL-Flow , Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Modeling of thin wavy films flow; Stability and structure of free interface.
  • Transport phenomena in thin film contactors; Effects of waviness on heat and mass transfer
  • Mass transfer separation processes Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Analyzing similarity of chemical compounds; Development of molecular-structure-based methods for predicting physical properties
  • Regression of experimental data and model fitting.
  • Application of interactive numerical and statistical methods to process analysis and design.
  • Process dynamics and control.
  • Wave propagation in randomly dispersed media; elastic and acoustic waves.

Current Projects:

  • Counter-current and concurrent flow of two liquid phases in inclined tubes: Experimental Data
  • Modelling and Control of Two-Phase Phenomena: Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Systems, PDF File`
  • Innovative methods of extraction and absorption (phase transition extraction).
  • Remediation of contaminated soil sediments and sludge.
  • Prediction of pure component constant properties, temperature dependent properties and phase equilibrium- based on molecular descriptors.
  • Considering precision of experimental data in construction of optimal regression models.
  • Solution of linear algebraic non-linear algebraic, differential-algebraic and ordinary differential systems of equations.
  • Prediction and prevention of chemical reaction hazards – learning by simulation.
  • Workshop-
    Modern Problem Solving Techniques in Engineering with POLYMATH, Excel and MATLAB.
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    > Detailed Program
  • Shape Factors in Core Annular Flow -Supporting Information

Phone: 03-6408127
Fax: 03-6407334
Office: Wolfson – Engineering, 307


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