Cardiovascular and Physiological Assessment in Animal Models

Neufeld Cardiac Research Institute at Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University

comprises a fully equipped laboratory to conduct cardiovascular and physiological experiments in small (mice, rat) and large animals (swine, sheep, calf) including heart function studies with special echocardiography system designed for small animals (Vevo660 ultrasound biomicroscope; VisualSonics), molecular imaging, pressure‐volume loop machine (Millar/Power Lab) and CMR for small and large animals. The laboratory is well equipped with all facilities; and routinely performs cell and stem cell cultures, FACS, MACS, recombinant DNA methods, gene transfer, evaluation of gene expression and variety of molecular biology techniques. We have on‐site histopathology laboratory that will carry out the histology and pathology work.

Preclinical, imaging tools and facilities

  • 600 square meter Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) vivaria
  • Small animal operating room
  • Large animal operating room
  • Large animal catheterization laboratory
  • Small animal US
  • Large animal US
  • Laser tissue Doppler
  • Large and small animal Cardiac MR at Sheba
  • The Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (SCMIC).
  • fiber based confocal microscope (Cell Vizio)
  • two‐photon microscope (Zeiss 510)
  • Spectral (Maestro CRI and Luminescence Imager (Biospace)
  • High resolution (Vevo 2100) and contrast media ultrasound (Sequoia,Siemens)
  • 7T MRI is also available in Tel Aviv University Campus.
  • MRI for small and large animals
  • CMR for small and large animals

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Prof. Jonathan Leor
 Tel: +972-(0)3-530-2614
Email: leorj@post.tau.ac.il


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