Characterization of organic, inorganic and biological materials by Solid state NMR

Magic-angle spinning solid-state NMR (MAS SSNMR) is a well-established technique for the characterization of crystalline, non-crystalline and non-soluble materials including simple molecules, drug formulations, glass, ceramics, powders, nanocrystals and biological samples. There are numerous applications of solid-state NMR covering a large range of scientific disciplines. In our laboratory at the school of chemistry we have a high-field Avance III Bruker spectrometer consisting of a wide-bore superconducting magnet operating at a magnetic field of 14.1 Tesla (or the equivalent of a 600MHz proton Larmor frequency), and several different probes suitable for measuring a large variety of atoms and experimental conditions. Examples are spectra of 13C, 29Si, 27Al, 23Na, 31P, 15N, 11B etc.


Industrial Research Services:

We offer services for the characterization of a variety of organic and inorganic solid materials. With ssNMR we can

·         Acquire routine NMR spectra of solid materials in powder or gel forms of a variety of atoms as indicated above.

·         Determine the existence or inexistence of a new polymorphs.

·         Identify mixtures of polymorphs and quantify them.

·         Identify impurities 


Potential industries

Pharmaceutical industries and other industries developing generic materials, such as TEVA (pharmaceuticals), MACHTESHIM-AGAN (pesticides), and others

The principal investigator heading the lab is Dr. Amir Goldbourt, with close to 20 years of experience in the field and ~40 publications in peer-reviewed journals. The design, application and analysis of experimental result, as well as consulting in the field can all be offered at the highest professional levels.


Dr. Amir Goldbourt
Faculty of Exact Sciences,
Department of Chemistry
Tel Aviv University
Email: amirgo@post.tau.ac.il
Tel: +972 (0)3 6408437
Fax: +972 (0)3 6409293


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