Computational Fluid Dynamics

California Friends Laboratory of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Current Research Topics
Numerical simulations of flow and heat transfer


The CFD Lab of the Faculty of Engineering is headed by Prof. Moshe Rosenfeld. The lab facilities give the computational environment for performing computational research in fluid flow, heat transfer and bio-engineering. The lab is used both as a research and as a teaching lab for undergraduate and graduate students.


The CFD Lab is located in Room 216, Wolfson building

Major equipment: 

The Laboratory is a fully equipped facility featuring an SGI Altix XE cluster with 84-core Xeon CPUs and 164Gbyte memory.
In addition the CFD lab is equipped with two Unix Compaq workstations and 20 Windows workstations. The laboratory has also a full array of peripheral equipment and storage capabilities of more than 10Tbytes. The software CFD packages include 90 concurrent licenses of Fluent, CFX, Fidap, POLYFLOW, Icepak as well as graphic packages such as Tecplot and grid generation packages (Gambit, ICEM). A system administrator takes care of everyday tasks in the laboratory.

Offered Industrial Services:

 The CFD lab is proposing its facilities as well as the know-how of its personnel in performing high performance numerical simulations of flow and heat transfer for complex engineering applications such as aerodynamics, bio-engineering, electronic packaging, wind engineering or urban flow.

Potential industries
Any company that deals with fluid flow and heat transfer, such as the aeronautical industry, Bio-engineering, etc


Contact information:
Prof. Moshe Rosenfeld
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
 E-mail: rosenf@eng.tau.ac.il
Tel.         +972-3-640-8534 (w)
Fax         +972-3-640-7334 (w)
Tel./Fax. +972-9-894-6865 (h)
Cell.        +972-52-357-2544


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