Dvir Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

In our lab, we focus on research and development of new technologies, based on cutting-edge materials and stem cells for engineering and regenerating tissues and organs.

We investigate approaches to control stem cells differentiation and assembly of functioning tissues, including the heart, brain, spinal cord, eyes, intestine and more. Among the technologies developed in our lab are 3D printing of tissues and organs, engineered tissues with built-in electronics, and development of personalized engineered tissue implants.

The Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is currently exploring these topics

  • Microfluidics-based tissue engineering. Recreating stem cell niches, microfluidics bioreactors for tissue engineering.
  • Nanotechnological strategies for engineering thick cardiac tissue.
  • Engineering a 3D neuronal network for spinal cord and brain regeneration.
  • Fabrication of Nanoelectronics/engineered tissue hybrids. 
  • Developing smart delivery systems that recruit stem cells to defected organs. 

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